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Okay, guys. You know how sometimes you get brain freeze and your creative juices run dry? Yeah...I'm kinda going through that right now. I've made some icons, but I dont feel that they are my BEST work. I like them and all but....okay the point is I WILL be doing requests.

1. Please try to supply the picture. I have limited screen caps and even less time to try to FIND the cap that you want.
2. Tell me the text that you want on it.
3. Tell me any extras that you would like on the icon.
4. Try to be as specific as possible! I want you to love your icon, not be "stuck" with it.
5. Don't forget to credit either flyingfreeicons or bluefa1ry

Note: I'm not that great at animated icons, and my mini-movies SUCK. So, please don't ask for a mini-movie. If you want an animated icon, I'll try my hardest, but don't get your hopes up. =\ Sorry

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